Creatives Abroad is about community engagement with creativity - You can join in too!


Nanshe's Story

Barbara Nanshe is an artist, jeweller and owner/director of Nanshe studio gallery in  Hamilton NSW. Nanshe has been an artist making  sculpture, images and unique pieces of wearable art for over 30 years. Utilising recycled sterling silver, copper and gold; cut stones and found objects. Nanshe's work is influenced by ancient Middle Eastern and indian design and contains stories influenced by her relationships with animals, the environment and women's anthology. 

Wild's Story

Naomi Wild is an Artist and Transpersonal Art Therapist from Newcastle NSW. Both Naomi's art and therapy practice share strong Jungian principles of  symbology, the sub-conscious and language of the soul. Her work is diverse and has moved through many mediums over the last 20 years. The consistent flavour of her work is in its explorative themes and mythic references.

The current body of work is mixed media, imbued with natural fibres, plant dyes, ground ochres and figurative images 'drawn' with free motion stitching.


Creatives Abroad

Nanshe and Wild are the hearts and minds behind this project.

They are both passionate about their communities and creativity and combine work with play. In much the same way they are conjuring up collaborations with international partners to broaden their professional reach and create a platform that might inspire fellow artists to engage with a global audience too.

Creatives Abroad is about making adventures of this kind accessible, feasible and possible!


Barbara Nanshe- Artist/ Gallerist/Ecologist

Boutique Art Gallery- workshops - art practice

I use many techniques in order to create materials to messages. Weaving connects me with the present moment, earth cultures and the feminine. I use symbols, which are recognisable to all people, to remind us that we are interwoven with each other and all of existence. My material choices are always based on sustainable, ethical and environmental awareness.

"Atlantis" and "Look Within" mixed media wearable art by Barb Nanshe

"Atlantis" and "Look Within" mixed media wearable art by Barb Nanshe



Australian Cultural Fund

Starts ApRIL 2016

Three interactive exhibitions and workshops by artists Nanshe and Wild in 2016 at Nanshe Gallery, Newcastle, Chelsea Gallery, Kings Road London, and Reuterstrasse 53 Gallery, Neukolln Berlin.

Nanshe and Wild focus their creative gifts to contribute and connect to the community by providing access to creative support, ideas and techniques.

By providing workshops within the exhibitions, Nanshe and Wild hope to empower others to unlock creativity, explore personal mythology and contemplate their own connections and stories through a visual and verbal interaction with theirs.

The artists believe art is a language the community uses to define itself and your support enables them to grow their ability to support the community through creativity. Art brings beauty, wisdom and exploration into the world and YOU can, in turn, do the same by joining with us to make it happen.
Your contribution makes it possible to continue their community engagement and extend their audience and professional reach.

All Donations are Tax deductible so if you pay tax and love art..... 

Community Events


APRIL 15th 6pm - tickets $32.24 through Eventbright

Come feast with us Banquet style on the culinary delights of Three Bean Espresso whilst enjoying live music and good company. 

This is the official Launch of our Crowd Funding Campaign and a great way to get involved with this exciting project.